Fresno State Derek Carr and 2013 NFL Draft Best Quarterbacks

fresno-state-derek-carr-2013-nfl-draftCurrently, Derek Carr has stated that he will not enter the 2013 NFL Draft but considering the anemic crop of quarterbacks, he should reconsider his decision. Carr’s stock might be at the highest point after leading his Fresno State Bulldogs team to a share of the Mountain West Conference. If he declares, I believe that Carr would be the second best quarterback in the draft.

There are only two top quarterbacks worthy of the top three rounds, that is, USC’s QB Matt Barkley and Florida State’s QB E.J. Manuel. Many so-called gurus has put West Virginia’s QB Geno Smith in the mix, however his inconsistencies and accuracy issues has plagued his season with the Mountaineers.

Why should Carr stay for another season? Leading his team to a BCS bowl game and improving his draft stock are his two main reasons; however the chances of this happening are relatively small. The Bulldogs top running back, Robbie Rouse is a senior and will not be with the team next season. Thus, Carr doesn’t have the security blanket in handing it off to one of the best running backs in Fresno State history.

Last year, Barkley’s draft stock was at its highest after beating cross-town rival UCLA 50-0. However, this year, his stock plummeted due to his bad performances in big games and head coach Lane Kiffin’s poor play callings. But considering the weak quarterback class Barkley is still heads and shoulders above the others.

Only 4-5 quarterbacks should be selected in the upcoming seven round draft, however, there are a handful of quarterback needy teams, which may lead to more being drafted. Below is the rank order of the five best quarterbacks in the 2013 NFL Draft.

  1. Matt Barkley – USC
  2. Derek Carr* – Fresno State
  3. EJ Manuel – FloridaState
  4. Landry Jones – Oklahoma
  5. Tajh Boyd – Clemson