Film Fest Twain Harte 2012: 2nd Annual Festival Event

The 2012 Film Festival of Twain Harte is scheduled to take place from Friday, August 31 to Monday, September 03.

The 2nd Annual film festival is on Labor Day Weekend and its mission statement is to provide and support the continuing education, inspiration and enrichment of our community through the showcasing of world-wide cinematic talent by offering emerging filmmakers a desirable venue for showcasing and promoting their films.

Twain Harte is located in Tuolumne County and there is not much to do there. If you love big trees, forests and loneliness, then this city may be a great place for you.

Many residents take pride in their rich film history. Over 300 films and television series has been shot in the area. These include high profile movies such as High Noon, Little House on the Prairie and Back to the Future.

Money raised from the film festival will be used to create scholarships for the local students who want to develop their craft in the cinematic arts to a higher level.

Tickets range from $8 to $145. If you are interested in getting tickets, they must be ordered through PayPal. It is available for pick-up at the Box Office (anytime during the festival). Tickets will NOT be mailed out. For any questions and the schedule please email or call 209-586-9991 for more information or go to the website at