Exercise alleviates the symptoms of asthma

Asthmatics who regularly engage in physical activity an ideal intensity almost two and half times more likely to master their symptoms than those who do no exercise, shows a study by several Quebec institutions.

The researchers analyzed the habits of exercise of 643 asthmatics.They found that 30 minutes of exercise a day, every day, to help control symptoms.

In addition, the exercise does not need to be difficult. Only 30 minutes a day of walking, biking or yoga Рjust about any physical activity, eventually Рcan significantly reduce the symptoms of asthma.

It was previously discouraged to asthmatics exercise, thinking that the activity causes shortness of breath and triggers asthma attacks. Professor Simon Bacon, Concordia University, explains that the risk of bronchospasm effort is present, but they can use their inhaler before training and then take time to recover after exercise .

In the sample group of 643 people, no less than 245 participants reported not to practice any physical activity. Only 100 said they were doing the recommended 30 minutes of exercise.

The board is especially important during the winter months, when the level of physical activity tends to fall with the mercury than cold air and even contributes to the symptoms of asthma. The study found that participants who were able to practice regular physical activity throughout the year have drawn the greatest benefits.