Elaborate Identity Theft Operation Busted

Modesto, CA – Detectives make arrests after a lengthy investigation into an identity theft operation.

The investigation started on December 11, 2013 after 39-year-old Jeremy Lapachet was arrested at Kohl’s for a variety of theft and forgery charges.  During this initial contact, officers located items indicating Lapachet was involved in making false identifications, manufacturing credit cards and stealing identities.  The case was turned over to detectives where they were able to identify numerous victims associated with Lapachet’s operation. 

On February 11, 2014, a search warrant was served on Lapachet’s residence in the 2200 Block of Lenay Way in Riverbank.  After an extensive search, over one hundred credit cards and identification cards, both fraudulent and legitimate, were found.  Also located were lists of credit card numbers and computer equipment.  It appears Lapachet was using the computer equipment to make fraudulent identifications so others could assume the identities of the victims.  Detectives issued arrest warrants for Lapachet and his wife, Carol Lapachet (Savage), 30-years-old.

Carol was located and arrested on March 5, 2014 for identity theft, possession of card making equipment, counterfeit cards and conspiracy.  Jeremy was located and arrested on March 6, 2014 for identity theft, manufacturing false identification, forge access card, possession of card making equipment, conspiracy and an unrelated warrant.              

The investigation is ongoing as detectives continue to identify victims associated with this crime.

You can reduce your chances of being a victim by taking these steps to protect your identity:

  • Shred your documents.  Never throw away documents that contain personal information.
  • Withhold personal information.  Treat your driver license and social security numbers as confidential.  Avoid giving this information over the phone.
  • Report lost or stolen cards immediately.
  • Bring in mail daily.
  • Create difficult passwords.  Do not write down passwords or store them where others have access.
  • Be suspicious of prizes or awards.  If you did not enter a drawing or buy a lottery ticket, you’re probably not the winner of a large sum of money.
  • Keep track of financial statements. 

There are services available to help safeguard your identity.  You can also monitor activity through the three credit bureaus; Equifax, Trans Union and Experian.