Don’t Be a Victim

MODESTO, CA– Modesto Police continue efforts to warn the community of mail theft.

Mail theft seems to be a common report made to the Modesto Police Department during the holiday season.  Many of these reports involve theft of packages off of the porch or doorstep.  Some even involve suspects following delivery trucks to take packages after they are delivered.

The holiday season brings an increase in delivered mail, especially packages.  Don’t be a victim!  Take these simple steps to help keep your mail safe.

  • Require a signature for delivered packages.
  • Can’t require a signature? Have your packages delivered to you at work or to someone you know will be home.
  • If packages are delivered to your residence, bring them inside immediately.
  • Do not put outgoing mail in your mailbox.  Instead, deliver it to the post office.
  • Have personal checks delivered to your bank for pick-up.
  • Check your mail daily.
  • Be a good neighbor.  Report suspicious activity in your neighborhood immediately to police.