Donald Trump Projected to WIn Nevada Republican GOP Caucus Primary

trump-nevada-wikiDonald J Trump is another step closer to winning the Republican nomination for the 2016 US Presidential Election. He is projected to win tonight’s Nevada Republican Caucus Primary by a huge margin, at least, by double digit points.

Nevada’s 30 delegates will be proportionally distributed based on vote total.  Trump is projected to receive 15 of the 30 delegates possible. Marco Rubio will be second, followed by Ted Cruz, John Kasich and Ben Carson.

Currently, Trump is leading in the total delegates won. He has 67 delegates, with Cruz at 11, Rubio at 10, Kasich at 5 then Carson at 3. With Super Tuesday coming up on March 1st, Trump is expected to win big and thus solidify himself as the Republican nominee.

The truth is, America needs to be great again. And the only way America can do this is by electing Trump as the 45th US President. Cruz is a known liar and can’t be trusted. Rubio is meek and is not an authoritative figure. He lacks leadership qualities that if elected, America will become a 2nd world country.

The only possible way for Cruz or Rubio to have a chance is to have both Kasich and Carson to drop out of the Republican race. If they don’t do this by Super Tuesday, next week, expect Trump to win it all!

Image: wiki

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    Trump will demolish Clinton!