Daryl Chargualaf Killed By Federal Police Officer at O’Malley’s Pub Bar Modesto

Daryl Chargualaf.

UPDATE: The shooter, Robert Moreno, has been arrested.

The name of the shooter at O’Malley’s Bar and Grill in Modesto has not yet been revealed. Many people know who he was but are afraid to come forward and identify him. The shooter is a federal police officer, who works at the U.S. Department of Defense’s Defense Logistics Agency in Tracy, CA. He has claimed self-defense. Even if convicted it is highly doubtful that he’ll ever serve any time in prison. This is the way how things work in the city of Modesto and Stanislaus County. 

Two people were shot at the O’Malley’s pub. One was severely injured and he was taken to a local hospital in Modesto and another one was pronounced dead at the scene. The name of the victim who died was the shooter’s friend and a fellow federal police officer, who worked in the same department. His name was Daryl Chargualaf, 34. He served time in the Air Force and studied Criminal Justice at Solano Community College.

Currently, investigators are trying to gather up evidence and witnesses. As of this writing, no witnesses have stepped forward. And investigators are trying to figure out if the shooter was intoxicated during the altercation and if he used his federal issued hand-gun.


  • Oceanna Marissa Salas

    RIP Big Brother’ Your greatly missed ; Well soon meet again ;-( Love you Daryl’ The family is having a hard time letting you go but your home now ‘ Chin up like you told me’

  • billyuns

    Never carry a firearm when going to the bar. What a dumb a$$. He needs to spend a few years in prison thinking about his moronic actions that killed an officer.

  • ashleyn

    the mistake here was going to o’malley’s bar in modesto. the owner, jon is a real scumbag. he treated some of his customers like sh*t.

    stay away from o’malley’s bar. they are horrific and don’t make good drinks.

  • I am truly sorry to hear about your loss. My thoughts and prayers goes out to you and your family.

  • Big Will

    My condolences to the family of Chug. I was stationed with him at Travis AFB from 03-04 and we became great friends. Its sad to hear this bad news, Daryl was a great friend, airman, and father. You will be missed and RIP to my “Guamanian” (inside joke) friend.

  • cricket


  • JMT85

    RIP Chugs! I am so sad to hear and read this as when I last saw you, we were stationed together and laughing it up! My thoughts and prayers go out to his beloved family!

  • RKN

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, freedom of speech. Just acknowledge the fact that my sister-the mother of his child, his only daughter, only ten years old, HIS mother and other family members looks at the internet for information and to try to find comfort. The loss is great but he was needed elsewhere, something that I am trying to come to terms with and I don’t think I will ever really want to accept it. He is now the air that we breath, a part of our mother earth. My brother, a great father, a great listener and a wonderful person to my sister, will be laid to rest soon…until then we can only find comfort in each other and in our memories. I am sure we all look forward to the day you are rested, the day your soul is free and finally you being by our side, every moment of our lives until we meet again… As I have promised to you when you became a part of our small family and when you and my sister gave birth to your beautiful, smart daughter, that I will never leave their sides and protect with my life no matter what roads we all take. I will continue to keep that promise and I know you will help me. I LOVE YOU BROTHER MORE THAN WORDS CAN EXPRESS. May God have mercy on the soul that judged you that Sunday morning. RKN

  • Jacque

    Daryl hung out with the wrong type of people that night! He made the mistake but his “friend” made the bigger one for bringing a loaded gun to the bar!

    Bar and clubs in Modesto are fully of thugs and the trashiest type of people. Why pay a premium for alcohol if you can go across the street to the local supermarket and bring friends over?

    DOD needs to do a better job in screening their employees. This guy shot 2 people and he is walking around like nothing happen! Ridiculous!!!

  • Jacque

    Sorry for your loss, bro. He looks like a good man and had the future in his hands. Too bad his life had to end this way.

  • guess

    Just curious how Daryl’s mom is using the internet for comfort when there is not one posting his immediate family.

  • Guess

    Please remove this comment, this person is not related to my Son Daryl. She is the little sister of Daryl’s ex-wife.