Community Meeting on Safer Neighborhoods Initiative

Safer Neighborhoods Initiative Community Information Meeting 
The City of Modesto will host a community meeting at 6pm on Tuesday, October 20, at James C. Enochs High School Library. This meeting will be open to the public and will provide information about the Safer Neighborhoods Initiative. City Manager, Jim Holgersson, will give a basic overview of the plan which was adopted by Modesto City Council in June of this year. Residents will have the opportunity to questions related to the initiative.
The Safer Neighborhoods Initiative is a plan to increase law enforcement and reduce response times, improve code enforcement, remove blight, grow neighborhood leadership, increase police presence throughout the city and in schools, restore gang resistance and training, support youth programs and address nuisance issues like vagrancy and tagging.
Measure G is a general sales tax measure that will appear on Modesto’s November ballot to address the priorities of the Safer Neighborhoods Initiative. If approved by voters, Measure G will enact a local half-cent(0.5%) tax for eight years. The City council has committed to using Measure G funds to implement the Safer Neighborhoods Initiative.