City Seeking Applicants for Citizen Advisory Committees and Commissions

Applicants Sought for Citizen Advisory Groups

Citizen input is essential to the success of local government, as such, Citizen Advisory Groups, called boards, committees and commissions, are formed to assist the City Council in making critical policy decisions that impact the community. These groups research, study and discuss specific issues with both short and long-term implications, forwarding their recommendations to the Council.

The following Boards, Commissions and Committees either currently have vacancies or will have vacancies:

  • Housing Rehabilitation Loan Committee – develops the administrative procedures and policies for the housing rehabilitation loan fund as well as the down payment assistance program, eligibility and extent of governmental and private sector commitment of funds, and makes recommendations of policy issues to the Citizens Housing and Community Development Committee.
  • Landmark Preservation Commission – identifies historical sites, provides information on historical preservation to the public, works to preserve historical structures, reviews changes in historical sites to maintain their historical integrity and reports its finding to the City Council.  Fosters public appreciation of and civic pride in the beauty of the City and the accomplishments of its past.
  • Culture Commission- serves as an advisory body to the City Council in all matters pertaining to art, literature, music, the McHenry Mansion and McHenry Museum and other cultural activities.
  • Golf Course Advisory Committee – serves as an advisory body and liaison for and between the general golfing community, golf clubs and the City of Modesto to promote the game of golf in the Modesto Area.
  • Entertainment Commission – oversees the entertainment permit process, including dance and processing of special event requests within the City of Modesto.  The Entertainment Commission encourages the development of new entertain businesses as well as assists the organizers and operations to plan and coordinate City services for major events.

Those interested in applying for a position on one of the citizen advisory groups may go online to www.modestogov.comand click on “Boards, Commission & Committees” under the Government tab at the top of the webpage; click on the advisory group you are interested in and fill out the online form.  If you do not have access to the internet, contact the City of Modesto, City Council’s Office located at 1010 Tenth Street, Suite 6200 (sixth floor), Modesto, CA 95354, or by calling (209) 571-5169. Applications are reviewed as vacancies occur and are maintained for at least one year.