Brave Modesto 13 Year Old Girl Helps an 8-Year-Old Boy Escape From a Suspected Kidnapper

On Sunday, April 14th, at 6:58 PM, Modesto Police officers responded to investigate a suspicious person’s call in the 1800 block of Sunrise Ave.  An alert citizen observed a male attempting to open her neighbor’s front door. The citizen yelled at the man and questioned what he was doing.  The woman’s actions caused the man to stop.  The woman went back into her home to call police and her 13 year old daughter kept an eye on the suspect.

The man then approached an 8 year old boy that was playing outside his home and made sexual comments towards him. The 13 year old girl looked on as the man grabbed the boy and started to carry him away. The boy began to scream and the girl ran to his aid. She yelled at the man to stop and pulled the boy away from his grasp. Both the boy and girl were able to get away from the suspect. The girl’s mother came out and followed the suspect as he fled.

The woman led police to the suspect and he was taken into custody. The suspect was identified as John Otis Jenkins, 32 years. He was arrested for Kidnapping and Annoying or Molesting a Child. Jenkins was found to be a sex registrant. 

The 13 year old girl acted courageously by coming to the boy’s aid and pulling him away from the suspect.  The young girl’s quick actions potentially saved the boy from further victimization.