Another Pot Bust: Stanislaus County DEA Remove over 1,600 Marijuana Plants

MODESTO, CA- Agents from the Stanislaus Drug Enforcement Agency continue their eradication effort in dismantling large illegal marijuana grows across the county. Today, several large marijuana grows were discovered along the San Joaquin River near Patterson.

On Tuesday morning, September 4th, narcotic agents from the Stanislaus Drug Enforcement Agency seized hundreds of marijuana plants along the San Joaquin River. Investigators were led to this location after receiving an anonymous tip reporting the location of these illegal grows. When investigators arrived, they located large groups of marijuana plants scattered along the riverbank. Several of the plants were about 12-15 feet high and all were ready for harvesting. As of this writing, investigators had removed over 1,600 fully grown marijuana plants. Agents will continue to work throughout the evening to eradicate the remainder of the plants.

The Stanislaus Drug Enforcement Agency is a multi-agency narcotic task force, comprised of local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies. The goal of the task force is to identify, disrupt, and ultimately dismantle drug trafficking organizations operating within the Central Valley.

This is the second pot bust this month.


    “The “war on drugs” has also generated indirect costs that many researchers contend have undermined public safety. The federal government has prioritized spending and grants for drug task forces and widespread drug interdiction efforts that often target low-level drug dealing. These highly organized and coordinated efforts have been very labor intensive for local law enforcement agencies with some unanticipated consequences for investigation of other crimes. The focus on drugs is believed to have redirected law enforcement resources that have resulted in more drunk driving, and decreased investigation and enforcement of violent crime laws. In Illinois, a 47% increase in drug arrests corresponded with a 22% decrease in arrests for drunk driving. Florida researchers have similarly linked the focus on low level drug arrests with an increase in the serious crime index.”

    —Drug Policy, Criminal Justice and Mass Imprisonment, by Bryan Stevenson