A bit of the Beatles in Oakdale

OAKDALE, CA – A former manager and record producer for the Beatles, Ken Mansfield, addressed a gathering Sunday evening at Calvary Chapel in Oakdale. Mansfield recounted his career rise and fall with Capitol and Apple Records and how his journey led him to manage the Fab Four and then on to Christianity.

A brief video was shown of an impromtu Beatles concert on a rooftop in Bodega Bay interspersed with footage and Mansfield’s commentary on the Beatles and his christian journey. Mansfield said it was George Harrison who began their spiritual journey through New Age traditions via meditation and gurus. It was while Mansfield was dating his future wife, Connie, that he abandoned his New Age lifestyle for Christianity when she gave him the ultimatum to choose “The Way” over “A Way”.

During the question and answer period following, Mansfield answered several questions about the Beatles that provided an interesting glimpse into his life with the band. One attendee asked about the rumor of Paul McCartney’s death and Mansfield replied that so many calls flooded into the record companies’ switchboards that it jammed up the lines and brought the system down. As a result, the London office closed up for the day leaving the American office to handle the queries. Mansfield decided to deal with the question of McCartney’s supposed death by sending out three samples of his handwriting taken before, during, and after the alleged date of his demise for expert analysis. All three handwriting samples were deemed to have come from the same person. He additionally addressed some of the “clues” on the Abbey Road cover. The Volkswagen had inconveniently parked there just before the photo shoot and McCartney had tired of waiting around and had taken his shoes off.

Another attendee asked about John Lennon’s quote that the Beatles are “…more popular than Jesus” and Mansfield explained that Lennon would have long and complex thoughts about something which he articulated into very few words. Lennon hadn’t intended for his words to be taken in that context. In later interviews, Lennon sought to explain the remark further, such as substituting the word “Beatles” for “television”.

After the lecture, Mansfield held a book signing for his book, “The Beatles, The Bible and Bodega Bay” which is the only book about the Beatles ever to be approved by them other than their own “Anthology”.