49ers Guard Mike Iupati To Practice With Modesto’s Grace Davis Players 2013

mike-iupati-grace-davis-modesto-2013San Francisco 49ers guard Mike Iupati will make an appearance at Grace M. Davis High school in Modesto on Saturday, June 29th.  Davis won a Gatorade sponsored “Train With a Pro” contest to host the 6’5”, 330 pound linemen and in addition earned a cool $1,400 worth of Gatorade products.

Fans are invited to the event, which begins at 10:00am at Davis High’s Lanphear Practice Field, 1200 West Rumble Road. However, fans will only be allowed outside of the practice fence. Iupati is expected to answer questions from players and give some practice tips. The event is expected to end at 12:00pm.

There will be plenty of entertainment with music and raffle prizes. In addition, the Cupcake Lady, a foods truck company will be selling their ever-delicious cupcakes at the event.